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My name is Michelle Beckman.

I work with people who want to honor, empower, and connect all generations of their family before it is too late. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Some stories are entertaining. Some stories are inspiring. Some stories are educational. But when told with heart, gratitude, and a willingness to help others, all stories have one thing in common… They can improve the emotional well-being of your family.

Preserving your stories does not need to be difficult or something that you delay. When you learn simple legacy saving and sharing methods, you will connect more fully with your family. Deeper connections between generations can improve the self-esteem, confidence, resiliency, and optimism of all members of your family.

My approach to preserving personal histories helps individuals overcome their fears and begin saving their stories. Did you know that you don’t need to be famous to be well known? Anyone can connect with their family if they recognize the importance of their stories, tell their stories from the heart, and commit to completing each personal history project in a timely manner.

Do you have a family member who should share his story? Have you ever considered saving your legacy for your family? Have you started, but stalled your project? Have you started but are looking for new ways to remember, organize, preserve and creatively share your stories? If so, then signup for my free report:

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Have You Discovered Your Buried Family Treasure?

Ten Myths That
Prevent Families from Connecting Forever

This report outlines 10 of the most common reasons that people do not preserve their legacy. If you follow the suggestions for overcoming each myth, you’ll be on your way to connecting with all generations of your family forever.

This FREE report is perfect for individuals who:

  • Have never thought about their legacy
  • Have thought about their legacy, but don’t know where to start
  • Have an unfinished legacy project
  • Would like to encourage a loved one to preserve their legacy

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Photo credit: www.Morguefile.com

Photo credit: www.Morguefile.com

 Lost Voices

Reading Time:  About 2 minutes
Audience:  Baby Boomers, Busy moms (and dads)
Each time I call my friend’s home and need to leave a message
, the phone line transports me back in time about eight years.

My friend’s voicemail greeting sounds something like this, “Hi (giggle, giggle), you’ve reached the Smith residence (giggle, giggle). If you’d like to leave a message (squeal), please leave one after the beep (raucous laughter).”  My friend’s children are now teenagers.  Her tickling boys, however, recorded this message when they were about eight and six years old.

The manner in which I wrote the greeting above does not do the message justice. Sure, you get the idea that the boys were laughing and having fun, but capturing the tone, the excitement, and the whimsy of the setting is difficult in print.
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What people say about working with Michelle

“Michelle introduced me to the concept of personal history. I didn’t think that someone would be interested in my life, but I learned that my children and grandchildren are so grateful for my stories. I am impressed by how well Michelle integrates bits and pieces from my childhood and encourages me to dig deeper. I have learned more about myself, my parents, and my own childhood.” William, Tewksbury, MA