A Labor of Love

"Aw, remember that one? Remember when we went camping, and it rained for ten days? I remember we had to sleep in the car!"

"Look how cute she was!" Followed immediately with, "Actually, how cute she still is."

Sigh. "I loved that dress you made for me, Mom. Do we still have it?"

Earlier this year, I scanned nearly one thousand photos as a gift for Mother's Day. It was a labor of love—a gift for my mom, my mother-in-law, and surprisingly, for myself.

We bought my parents a digital photo frame for Christmas. The 12" by 12" frame viewership surpasses the big screen TV viewership during many visits.

Stories of our family history have become the focus of our time and conversations together.

Even as a personal and family history professional, though, it is hard to find enough time to document my own family's history.

It's all about intention. As my former employer used to say, "What gets attended to gets done."

October is Family History Month. Let’s intentionally share our stories and preserve some of our history this month. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Check out my suggestions for preserving your family history below.

Take The Your Treasures Storytelling 10-Day Challenge

5 Steps to Start Preserving Your Family History

1 Scan and label 5 old photos. Who is in each photo? When was the photo taken? What event does the photo memorialize?

2 Write the names of 5 people in your family tree. When was each person's birth date, death date, and marriage date? Try to start with five people and see how far you can go!

3 Choose one of your most treasured possessions. Share the story of why you value the item. Who would you like to be the steward of the item when you no longer can care for the item?

4 Tell a story about an ancestor who has passed. Record it on your phone or write it on paper for your family.

5 Write 5 words that represent the way you want to be remembered. Tape the note to your bathroom mirror and read it each morning.

Bonus! Host or arrange a meal to honor and remember a loved one(s) who has passed away.


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