Photo of a set of sunglasses with a kaleidoscope in each lens

The Kaleidoscope of Memories in “This Is Us”

THE KALEIDOSCOPE OF MEMORIES IN “THIS IS US” Different Childhoods Kate remembered the silly, shiny sequin fight, and Randall remembered the smashed broken plate all over the kitchen. If you watch the hit TV show This is Us, you know what I’m talking about. Though Kate and Randall are same-age siblings, each remembered their mutual … Read more

Sunday supper and other to-do list items

SUNDAY SUPPER AND OTHER TO-DO LIST ITEMS Sunday Supper Did you know that January is Sunday Supper month? I didn’t realize that until this week. With kids and adults going in different directions, it’s easy to get out of the habit of having meals together. We instinctively know, however, that family dinners are magical—they give us unique opportunities … Read more

What’s a Memoir?

WHAT’S A MEMOIR? What Do You Do Again? Curious, compassionate, grateful people ask me every week, “What’s a memoir?” For twenty-five years, I worked as a data architect for multiple large corporations. And my family always asked, “What do you do again?” When I left Information Technology (IT) to pursue my dream to help parents … Read more

Talking Myself into a Masterpiece

TALKING MYSELF INTO A MASTERPIECE Talking to Myself (NOTE: Being in my head as I create a masterpiece—or any time for that matter—is not for the faint of heart. Read with caution! 🙂 ) Michelle, you bought that big, empty canvas twelve years ago right after you changed the floor plan. You dreamed of painting … Read more

And It Blew The House Down

AND IT BLEW THE HOUSE DOWN . . . A Long Eerie Night The hum of our neighbor’s generator filled the pitch-black silence between my pleas, “Dear God, don’t let the old pines fall on our house tonight.” Jet engines overhead reminded me of the angst we felt just after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Logan … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Honor Your Family History

5 SIMPLE WAYS TO HONOR YOUR FAMILY HISTORY A Labor of Love “Aw, remember that one? Remember when we went camping, and it rained for ten days? I remember we had to sleep in the car!” “Look how cute she was!” Followed immediately with, “Actually, how cute she still is.” Sigh. “I loved that dress … Read more

What about the “Stuff”?

WHAT ABOUT THE STUFF? Hurricane Harvey At the beginning of a crisis like Hurricane Harvey, everyone involved rightfully focuses on the only priority—saving lives. But, when the water recedes, residents and business owners assess the damage and cannot ignore the inevitable. Items that proved useful and necessary for daily living are gone, as are many … Read more

Stories Remind Us of Our Humanity

STORIES REMIND US OF OUR HUMANITY Humans Helping Humans Stories of humans helping humans have brought me to tears more than once this week. What is it about acts of kindness, courage, or unselfishness that evoke such profound emotion? Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas has brought much of our country back to basics. As we … Read more

I Haven’t Heard That One Before

I HAVEN’T HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE Deeper Connections Whether you see your parents and grandparents every day or talk to them once a month, I guarantee they have a story you haven’t heard yet. Sometimes, you know the story exists. These stories are often traumatic such as living through the Holocaust, fighting in a war, … Read more