Time For a Story-The Great Outdoors

WelcomeAboutServices Schedule a ConversationStorytelling ChallengeSpeakingLibrary Forever Connected Articles Free eGuide Subscribe Now FOREVER CONNECTED LIBRARY Time for a Story – The Great Outdoors June is The Great Outdoors month! Take a couple of minutes to watch the video below and hear about how my family and I enjoyed the great outdoors a long, long time … Read more

How to enjoy a snow storm New England style. A photo of two girls on top of a 15-foot snow bank.

One Way to Enjoy a Snow Storm

How to Enjoy a Snow Storm New England Style It’s April, and the snow is still falling in New England! This year the storms were relentless. Our neighborhood has remnants of branches and toppled trees strewn throughout yards and along the street. It’s a bit of an eerie feeling, to be honest. But those who live … Read more

What's a memoir meme with spools of vibrantly colored thread

What’s a Memoir?

What’s a Memoir? Photo credit: Frank McKenna on Unsplash What’s a Memoir? Curious, compassionate, grateful people ask me every week, “What’s a memoir?” For twenty-five years, I worked as a data architect for multiple large corporations. And my family always asked, “What do you do again?” When I left Information Technology (IT) to pursue my … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Honor Your Family History

5 Simple Ways to Honor Your Family History A Labor of Love “Aw, remember that one? Remember when we went camping, and it rained for ten days? I remember we had to sleep in the car!” “Look how cute she was!” Followed immediately with, “Actually, how cute she still is.” Sigh. “I loved that dress … Read more