The “Cute” One is Available!

The "Cute" One: Memoirs of a Grateful, Four-eyed Nerd with Quacky Feet  By Alfred J. Ewald


When his uncle gave him an erector set, Alfred Ewald thought becoming an engineer would make his life complete. Then one day, he met a beautiful, yellow bird with white open-toed shoes and realized that dreams do come true for four-eyed nerds with quacky feet. Through his grateful, fun-loving personal and professional stories, Al shares his blessings, wisdom, and love with family and friends. Readers are bound to laugh, cry, and learn with Uncle Al, the kiddies' pal!


The Author Shares Himself

I love how Uncle Al, the kiddies’ pal, shares his unique sense of humor with his readers—his friends, family and now the public (via Amazon)! Whether he tells a joke about a zoo of animals playing kickball, recounts the “Surveyor’s Dilemma” original skit, or details the events of Santa the Traffic Cop during a snowstorm, Mr. Ewald’s personality shines through his storytelling. His stories of a difficult childhood, meeting his future wife for the first time, WWII, and even his own death inspire all readers to face their own fears and work through challenges with courage and gratitude.

How the Memoir Affected Me

If I have not made it clear yet, Mr. Ewald is my uncle. Strictly by coincidence, he began writing his memoir just when I started Sunday Dinner Stories. We decided to work together as memoirist and Storyteller. The project quickly became more than just a book for me.

I learned more about my grandfather, Felix, than I ever thought I would learn. His absence has always been a void in my heart, my history. As a result of Uncle Al’s storytelling, I have developed such an admiration for both Felix and Al. Uncle Al tells people that I wrote his book, but these are his stories, his words, his beliefs, his values, and his emotions. I just helped him get the words from his head and his heart on to the paper and the playlist. Working with Al was my pleasure, and his book is our family’s treasure.

Memorable Quote(s)

“I wanted to enjoy my life, to have fun. That’s why I spent time acting and singing with Agnes, playing with our kids outside in the yard and pool, surprising people with gifts or Santa visits, traveling to long-distance family members, and going on family vacations. I needed to work hard to provide, but I also wanted to play hard or what was the point?” [p. 245]

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