Our clients belong to families that  love each other
and want to know each other on a deeper level.

If You've Said . . .

What if they forget about me?

♥ I'm afraid I won't remember the details of my parent's stories.

My dad worked three jobs. I never got to know him as a person.

I have so much to say, but my family isn't ready to listen to me yet. They just don't want to face my illness and my potential reality.

Mom is moving into a retirement home. I worry that she'll feel like we are leaving her, and she doesn't matter to us anymore.

 I inherited boxes and boxes of family photos. I don’t know who the people are or why they were important to my parents.

 I really want to know what happened to my grandfather during the war, but he just hasn't opened up yet.

 Even though our relationships are strained, I still want my children to know how much I loved them.

My parents are downsizing and sending me all of their "stuff." I don't want to be rude or ungrateful, but I don't have room, and I have a different style.

. . . Then you should write a memoir.

A photo of Felix, an ancestor who didn't but should write a memoir.

"I didn't think that someone would be interested in my life,
but I learned that my children and grandchildren are so grateful for my stories.” —Memoir course participant

Who Should Write a Memoir?

Adult children who want to honor their loved ones

Chances are, your parents and grandparents are too humble to realize that their lives are important to you. They believe that you want to receive a purely financial legacy. But studies show that you would prefer to receive their values instead of their valuables (or a least a mix of the two). What can you do? Ask your loved ones to preserve their stories for you and future generations. Be the one who asked.

Parents and grandparents who have a story to tell

Some parents and grandparents know that their experiences and wisdom can help their children and grandchildren navigate their own lives. In fact, studies show that children who know their family history have higher self-esteem, a stronger sense of who they are, and are more resilient than  children who do not know their family history. We like to say that children who listen to and read our Storyteller's life stories learn to hope, cope, prosper, and enjoy their lives.

A photo of A Sunday Dinner Stories Client and her mom, the storyteller. They knew they should write a memoir.

"I learned so much about myself. I have a calmness about me;
it's almost like a religious experience, a new understanding."—Donna Carter

What to Expect When You Work with Us

We believe that preserving and sharing your loved one's memoir is as easy as telling a story during Sunday dinner.

We’ve found that when you commission a project with us, all generations of your family benefit. Many of our Storytellers are surprised by the transformations that occur within themselves throughout our work together. The following is just a sample of the results your family might experience:

Your loved ones will appreciate how fascinating they really are.

We believe that everyone has a fascinating story to tell.  As soon as we begin preserving your loved ones' stories, they will agree with us!  They will learn that they do have a story to tell, and no one else is qualified to tell it.

Your loved ones may feel a sense of peace.

Your loved ones may feel a calmness or a sense of peace while and after we work together. Whether they are preparing for a difficult surgery or treatment, dealing with end-of-life issues, or just learning to accept their own life experiences, your loved ones may find that they "feel better" after we work together.

Your loved ones will be remembered the way they choose to be remembered.

Whether your loved ones' stories, beliefs, and values are preserved in written or audio form, together we’ll capture the essence of how your loved ones want their family members to remember them in their own words.

Your loved ones will be the connection between past and future generations.

Through their stories and the relationships they describe, your loved ones will provide a bridge to your ancestors who have already passed and are unknown to future generations.

Your loved ones will enjoy reminiscing about family stories using photos and as they identify people in older photos, they will become a strong connection between the past and the future.

If you find yourself sandwiched between simultaneously caring for your parents and your children, you can begin to use the power of your stories to help the generations of your family understand each other more deeply.  When multiple members of the family participate, the power of story is even greater.

Your family members may tell themselves a different story.

Research shows that the stories we tell and hear, especially family stories, become part of our personal narrative. This is particularly true for children and adolescents. As your loved ones tell their stories and family members read or listen, the stories each generation tells itself can and will become more authentic. Your family may experience an unexpected sense of understanding, forgiveness, and healing.

A photo of Mom-Mom-Mom at the Homestead Hotel
A photo of Pop-Pop-Pop looking at photos with his grandchild

"Michelle took the words right out of my mouth
and made them sound so much better."—Lynda Spinelli

Like Our Own Grandparents

Our experts help our Storytellers remember and share their stories in a comfortable environment, without judgment.

Our Storytellers become like family, and from the beginning we treat them just like we treat our own grandparents. Your loved ones and their stories are safe with us.

Photo of Founder of Sunday Dinner Stories with her aunt

"Michelle integrates bits and pieces from my childhood and
encourages me to dig deeper."—Memoir course participant

Saving Your Legacy of Love

We can help you and your loved ones complete each part of your Legacy of Love:

Write or record your beliefs, values, and life lessons as a book or a playlist

 Save your stories about your treasured possessions

 Organize and scan your photographs. Then share your family stories, especially those of ancestors who have passed.

Write or record your Legacy Love Letters, a personal statement for your memorial service, or even develop the song playlist that brings back happy memories for you.

We can help you connect more fully with your family members forever.

Learn more about our Services.

Be the one who asked your loved ones to save their Legacies of Love.