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Who would want to read my memoir?

What if my life isn't very interesting?

What stories should I tell?

What if I can't remember anything?

Can I really write my story if I’m not a professional author?

Where do I even start?


What if you could write about your past with a fresh perspective
and see yourself as someone who's fascinating?


Hi, I'm Michelle!

I've been documenting my family's personal history since I was in the second grade. I've taught my children how to interview their grandparents.

I keep a daily journal. I research my family's genealogy.

I even talk about my life all of the time in blogs and networking events.

And, I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to help so many grateful people write and record their memoirs.

But even with my experience, finding time and knowing what to write about my own life was difficult . . . at least until I started looking at my writing differently.

When I became certified as a Birren Guided Autobiography (GAB) instructor, I also started writing the raw materials of my own memoir. I'll admit, it's still a work in progress, but every time I write, I learn more about myself. I forgive and grieve and connect the dots. I recall joyful memories that help me connect with my family, and I remember people I've lost. Writing my memoir is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. And, it's lots of fun!



A photo of two guided memoir students.

I created this course and workshop for grateful people who enjoy writing but

√  Don't think of themselves as authors.

√  Don't know how to start their memoir.

√  Don't know what to write.

√  Struggle to keep themselves accountable.

√  Need a group of like-minded Storytellers for encouragement and support.


If this is you, then here's what I need you to know:

Writing your life story has the potential to empower so many generations of your family that you can't waste one more minute of your time thinking about it. You must start today!



Weekly Lessons

Each week, you'll receive an online lesson—a set of short videos and/or handouts delivered via my Life Story School. Each video or exercise will include personal instruction from me, just like I use with my one-to-one clients.

Lessons: Planning

You'll receive tips and techniques to help you plan out the basics of your memoir. Planning helps you create good writing habits and motivates you to continue.

Lessons: Mindset

Maintaining the right mindset is critical as you write or record your memoir. These lessons give you tips and techniques to keep you positively engaged as you recall your stories and write or record them.

Lessons: Memory Recall Activities

So often, people tell me they are afraid they can't remember enough to write. If this is how you're thinking, you are not alone. These activities help you recall events, details, and people that you haven't thought about in years.

Lessons: Spice Up Your Writing

In my experience, when my students start writing, their stories just flow. They are always so surprised, but I'm not. Telling your story as if you're at Sunday dinner is natural. A storyteller's writing can always improve, though. Thus, I include a few lessons to help spice up your writing and add interest for your reader.

Handouts: Storytelling Topics

You'll receive 6 life topics and more than 60 related questions to stimulate your memory and get those creative ideas flowing. You can download, print, and save these questions for further reference and writing.

Ready to Purchase the Self-Directed Course?

Purchasing the course is easy! Just click on the button below, and you'll be directed to my Life Story School.



Everything included in the Self-Directed Course

Everything from the self-directed course is included in the workshop. In fact, you'll have access to the same materials that are available in the self-directed course at the time of the workshop, AND you'll be enrolled in the course so you can continue to write after the workshop ends.

Homework Assignments with Due Dates

Let's face it. Some people (I'm one of them!) need a deadline to make a task (even a fun task) a priority. To encourage you to start a new writing habit, your homework assignments (a 2-page narrative that you can read within 5 minutes) will each be due by our next Storytelling Session.

Positive Feedback on the Content

Although you'll be writing your stories, this is not a writing course, per se. I describe this as a storytelling course. You'll participate in the weekly, online Storytelling/Sharing Sessions. You'll give and receive positive feedback about the content (not the writing) of the 5-minute stories (one per person per week). This is confidential and supportive group of like-minded grateful people who are cheering you on!

Online Conversation Venue

Writing your memoir in a vacuum is difficult. One memory could fill you with joy and energy that you're bursting to share with someone else. And yet, after exploring another memory, you could find yourself melancholy and needing a little pick-me-up. We're here for you! You'll have access to a private, online venue in which you can ask or share anything. This is a forum for all workshop participants, and I will check in on the conversation throughout the workshop as well.

Ready to Register for the Workshop?

I'm so glad you want to participate in the workshop! Registration is closed at this time. Please sign up for my waitlist below, and I'll let you know as soon as registration opens. In the meantime, if you purchase the self-directed course,  you only pay for the workshop portion when you register for the workshop.

See what some of my students have to say . . .

I am having so much fun talking to my family and listening/recording their stories and I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with my family.

It was awesome and couldn't have been better planned or organized! You did a great job, Michelle!


Email access

You'll need email access to receive communication (e.g., reminders, schedule changes, etc.) about the workshop.

A computer, phone, or tablet

You'll need to connect to a browser so you can watch the videos, download the printable materials, and participate in the Storytelling Sessions. The Storytelling Sessions will be video conferences (via Zoom). If you don't have a device that includes a webcam so you can participate by video, no problem. You can join by phone. You'll also receive a login to my Life Story School.

Something to write on

Each week, you'll write at least two pages of your memoir. You can hand write your stories or you can type them. It's your choice. You'll need a notebook or a laptop to to finish your assignments. You might also want a folder or a binder to store the handouts and your stories.

Still Have Some Questions? I've Got the Answers for You!


√  Written short stories that become the raw material for your memoir

√  More confidence to write and share your stories

√  Memories you haven’t thought about for years

√  More storytelling ideas to write about after the workshop has ended

√  A renewed view of your life and how much you matter to this world

√  A better understanding of yourself and the people and events that have made you who you are today

√  Momentum to carry your writing forward

Best of all . . . with 20/20 hindsight, you’ll begin to make sense of your past so you can ENVISION your future!