How to enjoy a snow storm New England style. A photo of two girls on top of a 15-foot snow bank.

One Way to Enjoy a Snow Storm

How to Enjoy a Snow Storm New England Style

It's April, and the snow is still falling in New England! This year the storms were relentless. Our neighborhood has remnants of branches and toppled trees strewn throughout yards and along the street.

It's a bit of an eerie feeling, to be honest. But those who live in Massachusetts are hardy, creative individuals who always find ways to enjoy a New England snow storm.

When we experience a storm that dumps feet of snow or causes extensive power outages, New Englanders default to retelling their personal stories of the Blizzard of '78.

My Personal Story of the Blizzard of '78

Forty years ago, weather technology was not what it is today. The surprise storm stranded thousands of vehicles on major highways—3,500 on one eight-mile stretch of I-95—and kept everyone home for about a week.The Blizzard of '78 was one for the record books.

My favorite memory of that forced school vacation was my adventure with our next-door neighbors. Jeannie and Mike were DINKs (Dual-Income, No Kids—Remember that term?), and my parents had three kids underfoot.

So one day Jeannie and Mike packed the three of us up on a toboggan, and we were off . . . not to the grocery story . . . to the packie! (That's Massachusetts-speak for the "package" store, otherwise known as the liquor store.)

I have no idea what possessed them to offer to take three kids along for the ride, but I'm sure my parents were happy to have a couple of hours without us around.

Our neighborhood was locked between two highways and a steep, quarter-mile hill that would make any amateur skier dream of Olympic gold. The downhill trip was the highlight of our expedition as our tour guides dragged us on the sled to the store.

On the final leg of our excursion, the hill became a daunting challenge as all five of us—exhausted and weary—trudged through three feet or more of drifting snow.

You guessed it . . .  The toboggan was now the vehicle of choice for the neighborhood's "packages."

How Do You Enjoy a Snow Storm?

How about you? Would you be brave enough to take three kids on an adventure in the aftermath of a blizzard?

How did you survive the Blizzard of '78?

Do you know how to enjoy a snow storm New England style?

If you're not sure which stories to tell, your blizzard story is just one idea.

Click here to see more fun story prompts for April, and please send me your stories. I'd love to read them!


How to enjoy a snow storm New England style. A photo of two girls on top of a 15-foot snow bank.
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