Ever wonder which tools professional writers use to develop their memoirs? In this video, I share one tool that I cannot live without! It's an indispensable but simple tool that you must use to keep your project organized.

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Share your stories often. Save your life story forever.

Share your stories often.
Save your life story forever.
- Michelle Beckman

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8 thoughts on “An Indispensable Tool You Must Use While Writing Your Memoir”

  1. That’s a great tip to ask for help especially because I look at photos and still have no idea of when it was. I agree with you on watching movies when things don’t line up correctly, it makes me lose focus on what’s important (the story)! I never thought of how we might be doing that if we are off with our timeline.

    • Thanks for sharing, Elda! When I have a timeline, I share it with my copyeditor to make sure that she can verify the information makes sense across all chapters. It drives me nuts when the details are “off”.

  2. Great advice, Michelle! I especially appreciate that you encourage people to ask others for support to get clear on questions about the timeline. I find that getting support is often such an important step in getting anything done so I’m not surprised that the same holds for creating a timeline for a memoir.

    • Thanks, Bere! Yes, I think a supportive community, whether family or friends, really helps you accomplish any of your goals, but especially your memoir.

  3. I have thought about writing my life story, and I love this advice. I’ve done a timeline in bits and pieces but nothing extensive. Definitely great food for thought. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Jess! I’m glad the advice helped you. If you have any specific questions about writing your life story, please feel free to reach out!

  4. I try to keep my pictures up to date for timeline help in the future. I am writing a book and had to look back at old resumes in order to figure out some of my job timelines. I realized they were very different than I thought.

    • Hi Dawn! Pictures definitely help, if you can keep up with them. The digital age has made it even harder, but it’s possible. I’d love to hear about the book you’re writing. If I can answer any questions for you, please reach out.


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