Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

(c) copyright 2016 Michelle Beckman, Sunday Dinner Stories
(c) copyright 2016 Michelle Beckman, Sunday Dinner Stories


Have you ever felt led down a path that is unknown, scary, and unexpected? Upon high school graduation, nineteen-year-old Katie Davis felt led to Uganda. She left a loving and supportive family at home in the United States and bravely followed her calling. Initially, Katie served as a kindergarten teacher, but she quickly realized that God had more in store for her. Soon, she was the leader of her own non-profit organization (Amazima International) and the single mother to fourteen adopted daughters.

The Author Shares Herself

[The Y in Time 4 A S-T-O-R-Y]

Katie is plainly honest with her readers as she describes her fears, mistakes, and challenges while pursuing this unusual teenage life calling. Through her Christian beliefs, Katie reminds herself and her readers of God’s expectations and promises for His children. Although Katie does not consider herself a missionary, she offers her strong Christian teachings to her readers, daughters, and sponsored children.

How the Memoir Affected Me

Katie’s willingness to set aside the life she planned for herself is inspiring. How many people will “risk it all” to follow the calling on their heart? How many people—Christian or not—will serve beyond their wildest imagination? For Katie, the pull toward Uganda was undeniable. For me, I felt as if I were called to leave my 25-year IT career and start a new, exciting, unknown, personal history business. It’s been a fun ride, and I, like Katie, I haven’t looked back yet.

Memorable Quote(s)

I can, however, change the world for one person. [page xix]

They [my parents] loved me enough to help me live my dream, even if it didn’t match their dream for me. [page 44]

They want to feel important and needed and beautiful. Children want to play, eat, learn, and be loved. We are all the same. [p. 95]


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Events after Katie’s high school graduation living in Uganda

4W-Why (The Story Was Told)

Katie writes with the hope that you will know “if [God] can use me, He can use you.” [p. xxi]

4W-Who (Best Audience)

People of all ages especially those who are accepting of or open to the Christian faith

4W-When (Published)


4W-What (Available Formats)

Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audio CD


Stories of life in Uganda and their application of God’s Word


Gratitude, love, obedience, compassion


Chapters are essentially chronological but focused on a specific theme as Mom’s recipes

R(ecall, retell, record)

Excerpts from Katie’s journal are included throughout the book & most likely, helped with recall


See upper left paragraph.

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