Family Book Packages

What You Get With A Family Book Package

The Cute One Book cover

Fully edited collection of written stories (5-Minute Memoirs™) presented as a manuscript

1-3 manuscript reviews by the Storyteller (the author)

The Storyteller’s 5-minute Memoir Collection designed as a print book.

Note: The actual books are a separate purchase. Please contact Michelle to discuss potential printing options and cost of books.

Some packages include a sample of audio recordings along with the books.

Upgrade your loved one's memoir:

Preserve some or all of your loved one's stories in his/her own voice as tracks in a playlist (audio recordings).

Preserve more stories while your loved one is in a storytelling mode. Purchase additional Storytelling Hours.

If your loved one is very sick or facing end-of-life conversations, the following items help him/her and your family address some difficult topics.

I can help you or your loved one write a Last Letter to each family member and/or friend.

I can help you or your loved one craft a personal statement to be read at a funeral, memorial service, or Celebration of Life.

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