Suggested Story Topics

What Stories Might Your Loved One Tell?

We've suggested some topics to give you a flavor of the stories your loved one might want to tell as part of his/her memoir.

Who Cares About the Heirlooms?Grandfather-Clock---Cropped

Your loved one chooses treasured heirlooms and shares the story about each item. If she chooses, your loved one can indicate who she would like to receive the heirloom, why the recipient was chosen, and when the recipient should receive it. This set of stories is a wonderful way to avoid arguments about what Mom or Dad would have wanted.

Reason, Season, Lifetime

Each person who enters your life remains for a reason, a season (a particular period of time), or for your whole life. Your loved one chooses people who influenced her life, selects a photograph of each person, and shares the story about each relationship. In particular, we focus on the lessons, beliefs, or values that the person helped your loved one learn or develop. This package helps loved ones share their true, positive feelings about the people who have touched their lives.

Life Review

Reviewing one's life is an activity that is natural, comforting, and transforming for loved ones late in life as well as adults who are in the process of designing the second half of their life. Life Review focuses on specific, proven life review topics that help the Storyteller realize that they made a difference in this world.

Tie the Knot Between Your Past and Your Future

A marriage is a pivotal point in a person's life as each person becomes a member of a sacred team. Your loved one has the chance to tell her side of the story related to a) Her Life Before Meeting Her Partner  b) How the bride and groom met and their first date c) Engagement d) Bachelor/Bachelorette Party and/or Bridal Shower e) Wedding Day f) Honeymoon & Hopes for the Future. This topic makes a unique and treasured gift for the new bride and groom!

Last Lecture

Many universities ask each professor to deliver the lecture that he would offer if he knew he was dying. Professors consider their life lessons, their wisdom, and their influence on society.

Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, delivered such a talk for real when he was diagnosed cancer and give only a few months to live. In his book, The Last Lecture, he teaches his children the lessons that he would not be available to teach them.

This topic gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to consider the life lessons, values, and wisdom they want to leave for their children and grandchildren. We pair each life lesson or value with your loved one's story that best exemplifies the lessons he/she wants to impart to future generations.

Where Was God?

Some loved one's believe they have a responsibility to share their spiritual journey with their children and grandchildren. This package uses photographs, items, or simply events to focus on the stories through which God touched her life. For each story, your loved one will consider whether she felt God during the event or whether she recognized God's presence in hindsight.


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