Guided Memoir course summary

Guided Memoir Courses–“Do It Yourself” Memoirs

Writing your memoir should not feel like work. It should be fun!

Let's Have Some Fun!

We believe that preserving your memoir should take effort, but writing or recording your stories should not feel like work.

When we meet as a large or small group, we will listen, laugh, cry, and encourage one another. You've worked hard your whole life. Join us for our next Guided Memoir (a.k.a. Guided Autobiography, GAB) Course and have some fun!

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Photo and artwork credit: Michelle Beckman
Photo and artwork credit: Michelle Beckman

We need a supportive community to silence that pesky voice saying, "You're not a writer."

Is This You or Your Loved One?

You've always thought about writing your autobiography, but you weren't sure where to start. Plus, that pesky, bellowing, big voice in your head keeps reminding you, "What are you thinking? You're not a writer."

Your family asks you to share your stories, and they remind you that you've led a fascinating life.

To your surprise, you yearn to know your life mattered to the world. You've always been so humble, so what's going on?

You realize that your time on this earth is finite, and you want to provide guidance and love for your children and grandchildren even after you can no longer personally advise them.

You're concerned that the current generation's values are askew, and you want to help them get back on track.

A photo of two guided memoir students.

Your life mattered, and it still does.

"Meet the Real Me" Guided Memoir Course

When you enroll in a Guided Memoir Course, you will:

Begin writing your life story one 5-minute memoir™ at a time

Share the fascinating as well as the mundane stories that molded you into you.

Reflect on and realize the influence your life had on your family members, your community, and beyond.

Influence your readers'—your children, grandchildren, and unborn generations—lives as you walk through your life.

Preserve the stories, beliefs, values, and life lessons that have the power to develop your family members' character, elevate their self-esteem, and improve their well-being.

Learn more about who you are and how you became you

Meet new friends who will accompany you on your self-discovery journey.

Guided Memoir course summary
Guided Memoir course summary

It's as easy as writing 2 pages per day.

What's Expected of you, and what do you get as a Guided Memoir Participant?

Attend a 2-hour workshop one time per week for 6 weeks

Consider the tips and techniques that we offer during each session

Participate in the memory recall exercises and activities that we lead during each session

Write a Five-Minute Memoir™ each week based on a topic that we provide for you

Read your Five-Minute Memoir™ memoir to your classmates each week

Encourage your classmates with feedback about the content (not the writing structure) of their stories

Reflect on the positive comments your fellow students provided to help you improve your memoir

Photo and artwork credit: Michelle Beckman
Photo and artwork credit: Michelle Beckman

"Everyone left feeling motivated to explore our memories and
share more stories with those who are important to us."—Student

You Are In Good Hands

Why should you trust Michelle with your stories, emotions, and time? I am a Certified Birren Institute Guided Autobiography Instructor. But, if you are like me, you don't care about titles. You care about why people choose their profession.

I love to help people get their stories from their hearts and heads on to paper for themselves and their families. I am excited when I can help a Storyteller connect the dots between a buried memory and a persistent feeling or emotion.

For 25 years, I have led individuals and groups of people—in businesses, churches, and schools—who needed to express their thoughts in a manner that made sense to and attracted an intended audience.

I would be honored to help you share your life story with a small, supportive group of beginner memoirists and, eventually, with your family.

Contact us today, and we'll let you know when a class opens.

Ready to Join Your Group of Beginner Memoirists?

$99 reserves your spot. We'll bill you for the rest of the balance before the first session begins.

Enroll with a friend and save $25 off of the price of your class.

If you purchase a full-service memoir after you take the class, we'll apply your enrollment fee to the cost of that service.

Call us (978.455.2166) to enroll in a scheduled course or complete the contact form, and we will contact you when a class opens.



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Your Legacy of Love is too important to your family to let your fears get in your way.

Still Have Reservations? Let Us Help By Answering a Few Questions

1) I don't know how to write. Is this course right for me?

A memoir workshop is not a writing class, but it is a storytelling class. If you can share a story with your grandchildren on the back porch, then you will enjoy this class.

2) I don't consider myself a storyteller. Is this course right for me?

Did you know that when given the opportunity, moms and grandmas share a story every 5 minutes? Moms are natural storytellers.

Dads and granddads share stories, too; but, often, they wait until the right teaching moments.

Stories are the oldest and most comprehensive method of educating ourselves and others. Most likely, you share stories on a daily basis to drive home your belief, opinion, or lesson.

With that said, you might need a little prompting to know what topics will appeal to your family. That's where we come in.

Each week, we will give you a set of questions to consider about a specific topic. These ideas help get the reminiscing juices flowing. You'll be amazed by how quickly you remember key stories from all stages of your life.

3) I can't attend every week. Should I still enroll?

These workshops are successful because storytellers are committed to the process and to the success of their classmates.

However, we realize that due to vacations, illnesses, weather, and prior commitments, participants will occasionally miss a session.

If you can commit to 4-6 sessions, then please register.  If you know you'll miss more than 1-2 sessions, please contact us so we can add you to our list of participants for a future, hopefully more convenient, time.

4) Why should I pay for something I can do at home?

You absolutely can write your memoir at home. But, will you? Will you make the time to focus on your stories? Do you have the discipline to maintain momentum? Do you have a trusted family member or friend who will review your stories?

A workshop will give you:

  • An encouraging and fun group setting in which to share ideas and improve the quality of your stories
  • A scheduled due date for 5 stories
  • An assignment that helps prevent writers block
  • A coach to help when you are stuck

Michelle once worked for a CEO who wrote his beliefs on the walls of the company buildings. One quote she cannot forget is: WHAT GETS ATTENDED TO GETS DONE. Can you attend to your writing without a coach or a supportive team available to keep you motivated?

Consider this—Have you ever attended weight loss program meetings, hired a golf coach, worked with a personal trainer, met with a therapist, or participated in a small group Bible or book study?

If you've worked with any of these coaches or groups, you know how important this model can be to your success.

5) I want to purchase a gift certificate for my loved one to attend this class, but I don't know if he or she is willing to attend.

Kudos to you for recognizing and honoring your loved one! If you purchase a gift certificate and your loved one is unwilling to attend, then please notify us before the Refund Date (4 weeks before the first day of the class), and we will refund the cost of the gift certificate (less S/H) to you. Alternatively, you can apply the gift certificate to another service.

6) Will I complete a book that I can sell to the public or give to my family?

That depends. Once you start writing your memoir, you might not be able to stop until you write your comprehensive life story! If you follow only what we cover in class, however, then you will have enough material to publish a booklet, but not a book.

Of course, if you continue with a Guided Memoir II course or work with us to complete your 5-Minute Memoirs™, you will add more content and move closer to completing your book.

"The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with
your lifelong collection of favorite excuses"—Jen Sincero