Your photo collection is a treasure that should be protected for generations.

Family Time Transformed!

"Aw, remember that one? Remember when we went camping, and it rained for ten days? I remember we had to sleep in the car!"

"Look how cute she was!" Followed immediately with, "Actually, how cute she still is."

Sigh. "I loved that dress you made for me, Mom. Do we still have it?"

Earlier this year, I scanned nearly one thousand photos as a gift for Mother's Day. It was a labor of love—a gift for my mom, my mother-in-law, and surprisingly, for myself.

We bought my parents a digital photo frame for Christmas. The 12" by 12" frame viewership surpasses the big screen TV viewership during many visits.

Stories of our family history have become the focus of our time and conversations together. And we're having a blast reminiscing!

When you scan photos, you transform family time!

Did you know that you can't even buy insurance for your photos.
They are irreplaceable and priceless.

Boxes and Boxes of Photos

If you remember Polaroid cameras and FotoMat kiosks in the middle of parking lots, you probably have boxes and boxes of printed photographs. Perhaps you inherited albums from your parents and grandparents. Regardless of how you received your photo collection, you possess a treasure that should be cared for, protected, and shared for generations.

Did you know that you can't even buy insurance for your photographs? Companies will not insure irreplaceable items. Unfortunately, losing our printed photographs is more common than we might expect.

In 2017 there were three major hurricanes in the United States. Thousands of families lost their treasured possessions, and many lost their photo collections to the floods that followed the high winds. A few years ago, hundreds of volunteers rescued thousands of damaged prints from Hurricane Sandy's wreckage. The volunteers have spent years trying to reunite the owners with their photographic heirlooms.

One of our past clients lost her home to a fire in the middle of the night. Her family lost everything, including a few of their beloved pets. Saving the photographs was not top of mind while they were escaping in their pajamas.

Your photographs also begin to deteriorate over time, especially if they are stored in albums that are not acid-free. The acid and the adhesives in the old photo albums turn your pictures yellow. Even if you do not digitize your photos, please remove them from the older albums and store them in an acid-free photo box or place them in a new acid-free album.

Simply digitizing your family's collection of photographs gives you
Peace of mind
The ability to share photos with multiple family members
Options to view your collection on a daily basis via a digital frame

How will your family know which photos are important if you don't tell them?

Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

But I have all of my photographs on Facebook and Instagram now, so I don't have a problem, right? Well, it depends upon how you define a problem and whose problem is it.

Every day 350 million photographs are uploaded to social media. How many photographs do you have on your cell phone? How often do you download them?

Most baby boomers and Generation X'ers are forced to find space for photo albums and all of those double prints that were free back in the day. We think that when we scan photos that's the full solution, but is it?

Who will inherit all of the digital versions of from photo scanning, social media, and our cell phones? How will they know what the photos represent? How will they know which photos were important to you and which were not?

Organize your photos and scan photos to save your family's memories. A photo of a woman looking at her photos.

What's their story?

Our Photo Preservation Services

Photo Organization Service

Our photo organizers help you and your loved ones curate, scan, store, and share your photograph collection.

We sit with the owner, sort the photos, and identify those that deserve further explanation. In some cases, our clients use the most important photographs to write their full-service memoir or mini-memoir.

Photo organization services are currently offered on an hourly basis. Please contact us for rates.

Photo Scanning Service

If you choose to organize your own photographs, we can scan your photo collection for you. If you live within driving distance of the Merrimack Valley (MA and NH), you do not have to risk sending your photographs through the mail and worry about losing them forever.

Please download our no-obligation order form and photo scanning service details for more information.

Scan photos to preserve your family's memories forever

Photo Scanning Order Form

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form and agreement

We can scan your photo collection for you.

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