Time For a Story-The Great Outdoors

WelcomeAboutServices Schedule a ConversationStorytelling ChallengeSpeakingLibrary Forever Connected Articles Free eGuide Subscribe Now FOREVER CONNECTED LIBRARY Time for a Story – The Great Outdoors June is The Great Outdoors month! Take a couple of minutes to watch the video below and hear about how my family and I enjoyed the great outdoors a long, long time … Read more

I Haven’t Heard That One Before

I Haven’t Heard that One Before Scott Webb via Unsplash.com is licensed under CC 0 1.0 public domain Deeper Connections Whether you see your parents and grandparents every day or talk to them once a month, I guarantee they have a story you haven’t heard yet. Sometimes, you know the story exists. These stories are … Read more

Caring for Your Aging Parents Someday? Read This Book

(c) 2017 Sunday Dinner Stories   Don’t Give Up On Me! Supporting Aging Parents Successfully, A Daughter’s Intimate Memoir by Jan Simpson Benvenuti Circle of Life Partners Every memoir offers something different for the reader. Some intend to describe a personal history, to entertain the reader, to teach the reader, and/or to give the reader … Read more