What People Say…

HeadshotAbout Working with Michelle Beckman

"My dad needs to write a sequel!"

"I can't believe how quickly this session went. This is quite an experience."

"Michelle took the words right out of my mouth and made them sound so much better."

My Protocol book
"I just read a book from cover to cover for the first time in my life. No Cliff Notes or a wandering mind. My attention was had. I read my mom's memoir."

"Michelle, I cannot tell you how well you put everything together and inspired such a wonderfully written story. Thank you for believing in my mom, and listening to her life."

"Michelle introduced me to the concept of personal history. I didn't think that someone would be interested in my life, but I learned that my children and grandchildren are so grateful for my stories. I am impressed by how well Michelle integrates bits and pieces from my childhood and encourages me to dig deeper. I have learned more about myself, my parents, and my own childhood.”

After listening to her uncle's story, "Who is this man that I've known for 45 years? I've never met him in this way."

"Working with Michelle was a joy. She was very organized and communicated clearly so everyone on our project was put at ease and knew what to expect. The end result was one to be proud of and captured the story and emotion perfectly."

"Michelle recreated a 100-year old photo album that is a priceless heirloom to me and my family."

"Michelle helped me find long lost family members. Family meant everything to my mother, and she frequently told stories that she clearly wanted us to know about our family. My mother would be so happy to hear that my distant cousins and I have connected."

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