Hurricane Harvey

At the beginning of a crisis like Hurricane Harvey, everyone involved rightfully focuses on the only priority—saving lives. But, when the water recedes, residents and business owners assess the damage and cannot ignore the inevitable. Items that proved useful and necessary for daily living are gone, as are many treasured possessions and heirlooms that cannot be replaced.

It was impossible to prepare for what happened and will happen because of Hurricane Harvey. No one could imagine this level of flooding and destruction, but we all can prepare ourselves for the time when we are separated from our “stuff”, either voluntarily (e.g., downsizing, purging, moving, etc.) or involuntarily (e.g. flood, fire, theft, etc.)

I encourage you to support the organizations tending to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The residents and businesses will need to replace and repair so many basic items.

Give what you can, pray, and share your own personal stories of compassion, hope, and humanity with your children and grandchildren.

To the extent possible, prepare yourself and your family for the time when you are displaced from your own treasured possessions.

His Hope

I saw a man wading from his home with only one possession—his framed J.J. Watt poster. At first, I was surprised that if he could only choose one item, he would choose a photo of J.J. Watt instead of a photo of his family. When I learned that J.J. was the type of man who could raise more than $16 million for victims of Hurricane Harvey, I understood his decision. His poster is a treasured possession of hope.

Her Memorial

I saw another woman who, when it was safe, returned to her home to salvage a couple of items. Her top choice was the framed American flag that draped her father’s coffin, a treasured memorial for a WWII veteran.

Would you like to start preserving the stories of your treasured possessions?


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