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Your Treasures Storytelling Challenge

From Curious Listener to Confident Family Storyteller in 10 Days

Have you always wanted to capture your stories for your family and yourself? Not sure where to start or how to tell a good story?
This 10-day challenge will help you to remember, tell, and preserve stories about your most prized possessions.

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Please join me!

How the Your Treasures Storytelling Challenge Works

This Free 10-day challenge will help you go from listening to other family members share their stories to remembering, telling, and preserving stories about your most prized possessions.

Each day you will receive a storytelling tip to help you start or improve your storytelling skills. You will also receive a prompt that inspires you to share a story about an item you’ve kept for years.

Then, you will tell your family member, a friend, a fellow challenger, (or maybe even your dog!) a 3-minute story about one of your most prized possessions. We'd also like you to record the story, but it's not necessary to share the recording with the other challengers unless you want to.

Once you've told the story, you'll come back to our private Facebook group and answer the daily challenge questions so we know you completed the assignment.

Along the way, you'll have support and encouragement from me and the other challengers who want to connect with their families as much as you do!

So what do you say? Are you ready to share your stories of your treasured possessions and start connecting with your family on a different level? We'd love for you to join us! The challenge begins soon so click on the button above to register.

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