Prevent Regret

When I tell people what I do, they almost always say, "I wish I knew you before So-and-So passed away."  Their voices are filled with heartbreaking regret. From book and audio memoirs to workshops and Legacy Love Letters, I can help you say (and save) what needs to be said before it's too late.

Save Your Stories

You might just be too humble to believe this right now, but I'm going to be brutally honest. Your life story is fascinating and can empower your loved ones in ways you've never considered. As we explore the stories that have shaped your beliefs and values, taught you life lessons, and allowed you to transform into the person you are today, you will find compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself and for the people who've lived life with you.

Let Them Hear Your Voice

How many times have you said, "I wish I could still hear [my loved one's] voice?" or maybe you've saved a voicemail from your loved one. The voice is something that's nearly impossible to replicate fully in writing because the voice is more than just words. It's also your accent, your laugh, your pronunciation of certain words, and don't forget the heartfelt emotions that your voice can convey. As we forget a loved one's voice, we feel like we're losing them completely. That's why we encourage all of our Storytellers to save recordings of their voices.

Record Your Family History

We all want to know that we belong to something greater than ourselves, and we all want to know where we came from. The popular DNA testing programs show us how important our lineage is to us, but I bet you don't just want the family tree. You want the intrigue of your ancestors' stories—even the mundane day-to-day routines are fascinating. Be the link between the past and the future for your family. Share the stories of those who have come before you and cannot speak for themselves.

Answer Their Questions

Ever wonder about family secrets? All families have them. Sometimes, the secret is known early on never to be discussed again. Sometimes, the secret is learned later in life and Pandora's box of unending questions opens. Why did you favor him over me? Why did you give me up? Was I enough? Did you love me? Did you know I loved you? I help you answer these questions for yourself, so your loved ones are not left in the darkness of misunderstanding and assumptions.

Leave a Legacy of Love

Simply put, your Legacy of Love is how you want to be remembered. I created my Legacy of Love program for people like you! If you are a grateful, introspective person who wants to connect more deeply with your loved ones, empower all generations of your family, and feel the peace and joy you were meant to experience, then let's get to saving your Legacy of Love together. It's never too early or too late to share your story.

My Philosophy

I believe that deeper family connections come from conversation and a true understanding of each other's lives. That means we need to share our stories authentically and often. Do you know why people don't tell their stories? Sometimes, it's because they are too humble or they believe their stories are too painful to tell, but most often, people don't tell their stories because no one asked. Well, on behalf of your family, I'm asking for your story, and I want to help you tell it just like you would at Sunday dinner. Are you ready to tell yours?

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My Services

I write and/or record your life story for you as books and audio playlists. For the do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts, I help you craft your memoir via online group workshops and online self-directed courses.

Have photos that need to be organized or scanned? I can help you preserve the photos that tell your story.

I can also make the end-of-life transition easier for everyone by helping you say what you want to say via Legacy Love Letters.

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Why Work With Me?

I am committed to helping you save your stories in a way that shows how grateful you are for the life you've led. I believe you have a fascinating story inside of you, and I want to help you share your experiences, beliefs, values, and life lessons with all generations of your family. Family memoirs have transformed how we look at our heritage, our own lives, and ourselves. Please accept my invitation to join my family and leave your positive mark on the world, one story at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Our Storytellers and Their Families Say . . .

"I'm at a loss for words for how wonderful the book is. This was quite an experience. It's very impressive to me. You've got such a talent." - Alfred Ewald, author of The "Cute" One: Memoirs of a Grateful, Four-eyed Nerd with Quacky Feet

"Michelle took the words right out of my mouth and made them sound so much better." - Lynda Spinelli, author of My Protocol: How I Broke the Rules and Survived Cancer

"I cannot tell you how well you put everything together and inspired such a wonderfully written story. Thank you for believing in my mom and listening to her life." - Lynda Spinelli's son

A photo of A Sunday Dinner Stories Client and her mom, the storyteller. They knew they should write a memoir.

"I have remembered things that I had forgotten and learned to appreciate what has taken place in my life. I learned so much about myself. I have a calmness about me; it’s almost like a religious experience, a new understanding." - Donna Carter, author of I Can Dog-Paddle, But I'd Rather Float: Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter Who Learned to Let Go

"This process is worth the money even if we never publish a book. My mom has a new confidence since she started working with you. I can’t imagine how much work you put into her book. " - Donna Carter's daughter

A photo of Storyteller Richie Mastroianni and his wife, Diane Landolfi"Michelle knows exactly what to ask to help you say what you need to say. This has been extremely helpful to Rich and me. She is amazing at what she does. You feel like you have known her forever. So very thankful to Michelle." - Diane Landolfi, wife of storyteller Richie Mastroianni

I had a life long dream to write a book/memoir about this awesome life I have lived. Michelle asked all the right questions with an unbelievable amount of understanding, empathy, talent, and reality. She taught me more about my own life than what I had already experienced and thought I knew. I am so grateful that Michelle could relate my story with dignity, love, emotion, and finesse. There were some difficult moments in my life, yet Michelle smoothed out my heart and managed to write the moments with grace and faith. I have tears of joy and disbelief each time I read "my life".  - Linda Jean Willms Angle, author of Worthy: How Unconditional Love Brought My Life Full Circle

This project was completed in collaboration with editor, publisher, and friend Sam Uhl owner of The Cheerful Word

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