When I think of Sunday dinner, I think of my own childhood—our family time around the fireplace, Monopoly on the coffee table, the New England Patriots on the television, and a roast in the oven.

It was a time when we shared family stories, lived our traditions, and enjoyed Mom's comfort food. Regardless of what happened with cliques at school, teams on the field, or the neighborhood kids that week, I knew I belonged to a special group—my family—no matter what.

But times have changed . . .and that's why founded Sunday Dinner Stories.

I've been helping faithful, grateful people write and record their stories for nearly ten years now. It's time for another change for Sunday Dinner Stories. I'm not sure where God is leading me with this work, but I know that we'll be transitioning from a focus on personal history to a focus on faith-based writing and teaching. Stay tuned to learn more!