Saving family stories should be as
simple as telling a story over a typical Sunday dinner.

What Does Sunday Dinner Mean to You?

When I think of Sunday dinner, I think of my own childhood—our family time around the fireplace, Monopoly on the coffee table, the New England Patriots on the television, and a roast in the oven.

It was a time when we shared family stories, lived our traditions, and enjoyed Mom's comfort food. Regardless of what happened with cliques at school, teams on the field, or the neighborhood kids that week, I knew I belonged to a special group, my family, no matter what.

But times have changed . . .

A photo of a young girl in the living room, which was a place to share family stories.

"I always knew my parents loved me, but did I really know them?"

A Mom in a Cell Phone World

In today's technology-dependent and overwhelmed culture, that peaceful, connected version of Sunday dinner competes with handheld electronic devices, instant messaging phones, cyber-friendships, homework, and a host of extracurricular activities.

As a mom, I wondered how my husband and I could give our children the comfort, security, and sense of belonging that a strong family offers when everyone was so distracted. I knew that family time, especially dinners together, was important. But it seemed like we needed more than just fellowship over food.

What else could we do?

A photo of Two young girls pretending to be moms in a play kitchen

How can families compete with technology—screens, social media, and cyber-friendships?

Connecting in unique and lasting ways

We are fortunate that both of our children enjoy reading books, but they also learn from online sources that were not even available when I was a teen. I wanted to connect with our children in a unique and lasting way, and I wanted our children to connect with their grandparents and great-grandparents.

On the other end of the spectrum, I realized that my grandaunts were aging; my grandparents had long passed. As each elder tragically slipped into dementia or another form of memory loss, we lost our connection to them and our family's history. We were losing our family stories.

It was heartbreaking. We needed a solution.

Young Michelle backyard dinner with elders

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Family Stories Help Us Connect All Generations

Once I became a mom, I realized how critical family history was to my children's well-being. That's why I founded Sunday Dinner Stories, a life story heirlooms company whose mission is:

To help your loved ones preserve their family stories so all generations  know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered.

We transform family stories, beliefs, values, and life lessons into books and audio playlists that capture the attention of technology-dependent, information-overloaded family audiences.

We also help you and your loved ones curate, preserve, share, and store your photo collections.

You will be amazed by the number of stories you remember when you pull out your photos!

A photo of a girl with a decorated doll carriage.

All generations should know they belong, have been heard, and will be remembered.

Why Work with Us?

Our approach and authentic curiosity foster a warm, inviting, secure environment in which your parents and grandparents feel comfortable to explore, share, and record their legacies without reservation.

We want preserving and sharing your family's legacy to be as simple as telling a story over a typical Sunday dinner.

Your treasured memoir heirlooms have the power to help each generation of your family feel connected, resilient, optimistic, self-confident, and deep-down happy.

Be the one who asked your loved ones to share their family stories before it's too late.


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