My Clients and Storytellers

We want you and your loved one to feel comfortable, safe, and secure as we work together. Your loved one will share personal information that must be received without judgment.

Have Fun

We partner with adult children who want their loved ones to be heard and remembered. They want their loved ones to know that their lives mattered, and they want their children to benefit from the life lessons and values of prior generations.

Our clients realize that when loved ones review their lives and share themselves through stories, their loved ones feel a renewed sense of appreciation and belief that their own lives mattered.

In addition, our clients understand that family history helps children feel more confident because they know they came from a long line of people who have enjoyed positive experiences and have persevered through negative experiences. Through their loved ones' stories, children learn how to cope, hope, prosper, and enjoy.

Storytelling sessions are fun, inspiring, and insightful. Developing your loved one's book or recordings takes effort, but we want the experience to be enjoyable for all involved. At the end of a session, our Storytellers always say, "Oh my gosh! The time went by so fast!"

Clients and Storytellers

We work with two types of guests on each project. Our Client is the person who contracts with us. Usually, our client is an adult child of the parent or grandparent. Our Storyteller is the person who shares his stories, beliefs, values, and life lessons. Usually, our Storyteller is a parent or grandparent.

Our client is our liaison with the loved one. Typically, our clients purchase the services for their loved one, participate in the planning meeting to increase their loved one's comfort level, ensure payments are made based upon the written agreement, facilitate contact and communication (if necessary) throughout the project, and host a celebration to debut the storyteller's memoir.

Our Storyteller's responsibilities include participating actively in storytelling sessions, reviewing drafts of the final product (if necessary), and sharing himself through his stories.

Organize your photos and scan photos to save your family's memories. A photo of a woman looking at her photos.
Organize your photos and scan photos to save your family's memories. copyright 2017 likeness used with permission

Have You Heard (or Said) Statements Like These?

  • I've thought about writing my story, but who would want to read or listen to it?
  • I’m afraid I won’t be remembered. I'm afraid I won't remember my parent's stories.
  • I don’t know “where I came from”, and I’m afraid that my family history will be forever lost as each elder passes.
  • When my mom moved into the nursing home, I inherited boxes and boxes of family photos.
  • I don’t know who these people in the photos are or why they were important to my mother.
  • Our generations just don’t understand each other.
  • My grandchildren’s generation could never empathize with the emotional sacrifice of war. You had to be there, and I hope they never will be.
  • Things were left unresolved before my parents passed. I don’t want my children to feel unloved.


Storyteller Invitation

We love to work with storytellers who are:

  • Honest and authentic about their experiences, beliefs, values, and dreams.
  • Open to thought-provoking questions, answers, and revelations.
  • Available to meet and complete their part of the project in a timely manner.
  • Eager to learn about himself/herself.
  • Passionate about the welfare of their families.
  • Ready to have fun!

We do not work with clients or storytellers who:

  • Plan to document and distribute their story as a form of revenge.
  • Intentionally misstate the truth in order to hurt another party.


What to do now?

Now that you know the types of clients and storytellers we work with, the kinds of hopes and dreams they wish to fulfill, and what characteristics make our storytellers successful, we invite you to learn more about How It Works.