A sample of a book memoir

When I started working with Lynda Spinelli, she was excited to write her memoir about surviving cancer, but she had no idea where to start. She told me that she was not a writer, but she still wanted to tell her story to help cancer patients from the holistic community. We met for four storytelling hours plus an hour for photo selection. Lynda's book is titled My Protocol: How I Broke the Rules and Survived Cancer.

Read a portion of Lynda's memoir

Book Memoirs

Whether you publish your whole life story or a shorter memoir that focuses on one segment of your life, I'll handle all but the storytelling. I interview you in person or over the phone and then work my magic. I use your words in your voice to write a pleasing narrative that can help you deeply connect with all generations of your family (maybe even yourself) forever.

Book memoirs are customized to help you share your story in the most authentic and organic way possible. All you need to do is tell your story, approve the interior and cover of the book, and have fun. Then, host a book signing party, of course!

Book memoirs begin at $8,000.

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A sample of an audio memoir

I worked long-distance with Al to publish his book titled The "Cute" One: Memoirs of a Grateful, Four-eyed Nerd with Quacky Feet. I also delivered a playlist of five recordings so his family would not forget his voice. Take a few minutes to listen to each story using the audio recordings below. Notice the intonation, accent, laugh, and emotion that cannot possibly be captured in print. I trust that you'll agree—your voice is an integral part of your Legacy of Love. Listen to a story from Al's memoir below.

Audio Memoirs

I record your story as you tell it in your own words. Then, I edit your recordings to remove any unnecessary silence, the dreaded "umms" and "ahhs", unexpected noises (e.g., doorbells, phones ringing, etc.), as well as anything you tell me you should not have said!

I also move your words around so that each track/recording addresses a specific topic or theme. After you review and approve the final recordings, I deliver the audio playlist to you digitally. Your voice is a part of you, and it's irreplaceable. Leave a record of your words, your tone, your laugh, and your emotions as part of your legacy for your family!

Audio memoirs are customized for each client and begin at $900.

Example of a Legacy of Love Heirloom™

Before Brittany and Tim were engaged, they thoughtfully contemplated their beliefs, their values, and their dreams for the rest of their lives together. They knew they were right for each other (and so did their families)!

From individual and shared experiences to faith, family, and friends, we captured the earliest days of their friendship and love.

Their mini-memoir will be a treasure for their children and grandchildren.

Legacy of Love Heirloom™

A Legacy of Love Heirloom™ is perfect if you want to incrementally save your legacy due to time or budget constraints. I use a standard set of interview questions to create a booklet about one slice of your life (e.g., Words of Wisdom, Tie the Knot, etc.)

A Legacy of Love Heirloom™ paperback book is delivered in the style of a lightly-edited transcript. The Legacy of Love Heirloom™ audio playlist is delivered online as a set of digital recordings. I interview you in person or by phone, transcribe and edit the recording, and deliver the final book and/or playlist. All you need to do is answer our questions authentically, tell your stories, and review the final product.

Legacy of Love Heirloom™ begin at $1,400.

A sample of a Legacy Love Letter and a Words of Wisdom Legacy of Love Heirloom™

When Richie Mastroianni learned he was about to embark on a difficult medical treatment, he wanted to tell his family a few things. I worked with him to complete his Words of Wisdom Legacy of Love Heirloom™. We also wrote private letters to be left for his loved ones and a personal statement to be read at his Celebration of Life service. Richie's wife, Diane, now takes comfort in listening to her husband's voice as he dictated his love letter.

Read Richie's Legacy Love Letter and a portion of his Words of Wisdom Legacy of Love Heirloom™

Legacy Love Letters

Sometimes, my Storytellers want to leave something extremely personal behind for one or more family members. I can help you write individual letters to your loved ones or write one longer Legacy Love letter (a.k.a. ethical will) for your whole family. I print the letters on elegant paper and help you decide when you want to present your letters to your loved ones. This type of project is more than simply typing out a letter. It's often a rewarding and emotional experience that brings the Storyteller peace and comfort.

Legacy Love Letters are customized for each client and begin at $500.

A sample of a children's book and an audio memoir

When he was in his early twenties, William "Papa Bill" Ewald caught a bank robber. He told his family his intriguing story as part of his audio memoir. For Christmas the next year, I helped his grandchildren create a children's book telling the story. I crafted the rhyming text for the story, and his grandchildren drew and colored the pictures. After we presented Papa Bill with the book, I recorded him reading the story for his future great-grandchildren. It was a fun project that will touch many generations to come! Listen below.

Custom Services (coaching, specific task or fun project)

Want a coach to guide you through each step? I can walk alongside you as you gather your stories, prepare your stories, print/publish your stories, and celebrate with your family!

Have an idea for a fun project? I love creatively presenting stories that can empower generations.

Need help with a specific task? I can help you get over that hurdle.

Contact me and we can discuss whatever you have in mind!

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